Back of the Building

Rock band Monk Tamony release their debut single, "Back Of The Building." The track has more than enough hard-hitting punch to position Monk Tamony as a fast-selling stadium act. Comprised of TJ Rosenthal (Vocals, Guitar) and Joe Zdaa (Drum, Vocals), Monk Tamony is a stellar, two-piece band producing super charged, hard-driving rock with unmistakable New York City attitude. Pancakes & Whiskey raved, "The track is rife with rolling guitar riffs and a solid backbeat which gets our blood pumping for more from this new exciting duo."

Of the single, Rosenthal explains, "I live in the back of a 100 year old building. The heat is so damn hot that the windows have to be left open in the winter. The neighbors in the next building are loud 24/7. Most of the time you just tune 'em out. One morning though, these two guys were smoking and talking down below in between both buildings at 7am for no reason. It is just a place to dump trash out there. Their bullshit session woke me up because of course the windows were open. It made me think, man... it's time for a goddamn vacation. The song wrote itself in thirty minutes. Literally." 

The band plans to release their EP later this year. The EP will be available on vinyl as well.

Official Bio

Zdaa and Rosenthal first met in 2002 at Dark Room, a discreetly hidden bar on Ludlow Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. “Joe was a bartender,” describes Rosenthal. “And I was a DJ and a regular patron. It was always a scene, and I’d go some nights just make sure I wasn’t missing anything.” Perhaps it’s no surprise that Dark Room was voted New York Magazine as the city’s best bar to pick up a musician. 

Years later, Rosenthal asked Zdaa to replace the drummer in his three-piece rock outfit, Cities on Fire. With Zdaa, the band’s first gig was to be in Los Angeles, in front of a highly regarded talent manager – an opportunity that missed flights and miscommunication left them unable to seize. A month later, Cities on Fire accepted a gig at Mercury Lounge, opening for the New York Times-reviewed Noisettes in front of a packed house. Because of a last-minute decision to add electronic beats under the live sound, the show was disjointed and disappointing. Cities on Fire disbanded shortly thereafter. 

With Cities on Fire a smoldering mound of rubble and ash, Zdaa and Rosenthal began DJing together and created a 60s-themed party called “Red Light District,” complete with gimlets and go-go dancers. Inspired by the sounds of the 60s, Rosenthal started writing again and ended up creating the Bowery Riots with Zdaa on drums - a six-piece soul band featuring horns and backup singers. 

By 2014, Zdaa had moved onto other projects, while Rosenthal continued to write songs on his own. “I woke up one day in December with the uncontrollable urge to review all my demos,” explains Rosenthal. “And, one by one, I laughingly realized that I had created a collection of songs for a project that didn’t exist. So, I sent Joe the tracks, and the rest is history."
In the fall of 2015, Monk Tamony put the finishing touches on their debut EP, which is set for release later this spring. The dynamic duo has already garnered new fans along both coasts and while Zdaa and Rosenthal might call Monk Tamony a happy accident, it’s clear that they’re purposeful about their craft.

“I can’t wait to see where the Monk Tamony story goes,” shares Rosenthal. “The fun part is not knowing. But, as long as we continue to make songs that mean something to us, we’ll continue to put them out there.”